Innovation & TechLifespin Launches Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Anti-Infectives

Lifespin Launches Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Anti-Infectives

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 A Key Step in Integrating Precision Health and Antibiotic Resistance Control

REGENSBURG, Dec 5th, 2023 — Lifespin GmbH, an emerging force in Precision Health Information, today proudly unveils its Lifespin Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) of Anti-Infectives. This Laboratory Developed Test (LDT) represents a major advancement in the field of personalized medicine by enabling more individualized approaches to antibiotic therapy in the field of sepsis treatment and respiratory tract infections like pneumonia.

To meet anticipated demand for this new approach to one of the most pressing challenges in modern medicine, Lifespin is extending the capabilities of its TDM of Anti-Infectives beyond its own diagnostic laboratories to licensed laboratories worldwide. This expansion is enabled by Lifespin’s innovative plug-and-play cloud system, which allows licensed labs to utilize Lifespin’s proprietary algorithm. Laboratories equipped with suitable hardware can now measure patient blood samples on-site locally and leverage Lifespin’s advanced software over the cloud for analysis.

The TDM product, employing Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy technology as an advanced measurement tool, is designed to work seamlessly with Lifespin’s software. This integration ensures the precise determination of drug concentrations in human serum samples, essential for selecting the most effective treatments. By offering precise measurements of antibiotics in patient blood, Lifespin’s TDM of Anti-Infectives enables physicians to tailor treatments more effectively, addressing the challenge of variable patient responses to medications. This approach is key to preventing therapeutic failures and reducing the risk of developing antibiotic-resistant strains. Currently the Therapeutic Drug Monitoring product tests for all commonly used antibiotics including CefotiamRUO, Ceftazidim, Cefuroxim, Fosfomycin, Ceftriaxon, Flucloxacillin, Piperacillin, Fluconazol, and FlucytosinRUO.

“Monitoring for Anti-Infectives marks a significant milestone in our quest to transform the landscape of precision health,” states Dr. Ali Tinazli, CEO of Lifespin. “Responding to market demands for enhanced antibiotic stewardship, we’ve made this groundbreaking technology accessible globally through our cloud-based system. This empowers laboratories worldwide to deliver personalized treatment options. Looking ahead, I am filled with optimism for our upcoming product releases in 2024, which will further expand our capabilities in precision health and substantially improve healthcare outcomes.”

About Lifespin

Lifespin, an emerging medical technology company, has built one of the largest and most comprehensive databases of metabolic health profiles across healthy and diseased individuals covering multiple age and biological sex groups as well as specific diseases in neurology, oncology, and inflammation. Utilizing proprietary software and A.I., Lifespin is working to launch new products and services (SaaS) that enable clinicians, researchers, drug development organizations, and other entities to identify various disease states and health and wellness markers based on a patient’s metabolism. Lifespin’s cloud-based business model is built on its proprietary Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for diagnostics and health information and is globally scalable. Tests for detection of neurological, cancer, and inflammatory diseases are in development with first regulated products being launched in 2023. Lifespin’s products offered to date are for Research Use Only (RUO) and are not for use in diagnostics. Lifespin’s clinicals tests are currently offered as an in-house test under EU law. Lifespin is ISO13485:2016 certified. Lifespin’s advisory board consists of key opinion leaders such as James Rothman (Nobel Laureate in Physiology/Medicine, Sterling Professor of Cell Biology, Yale University, New Haven, CT USA) and other prominent leaders in the relevant fields of study.

About Lifespin’s metabolic profiling platform

Lifespin has built one of the world’s largest in-house biobanks that already consists of more than 220,000 human blood samples. Utilizing proprietary diagnostic technology, Lifespin is able to quantitatively capture individual metabolisms, i.e., up to hundreds of metabolite concentrations with a single Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) measurement. and perform in-house measurements of metabolomes, digitizing metabolic profiles that include billions of metabolic relationships. These digital metabolic profiles allow systematic mapping across various health conditions. 


Taken together, Lifespin’s technology and world-class database have the potential to enable differential diagnosis and early detection of health conditions, staging of diseases, monitoring of treatment success and personalized medicine, improving the gold standard in numerous indications and bringing about new diagnostic products, where none exist today (e.g., in some neurological diseases); precision drug monitoring for clinical, pharmaceutical and research settings; and precision nutrition for diabetes, obesity, and preventative care.

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