LeadJordan and Romania boost scientific and medical research cooperation

Jordan and Romania boost scientific and medical research cooperation

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Jordan: Yasin Al Husban, head of the Senate’s health, environment, and population committee, inaugurated the 13th international conference and the 11th conference of the Association of Romanian University Graduates (ARUG) on behalf of HRH Princess Muna Al Hussein. This event highlights the critical role of education in fostering robust diplomatic relations.
In his opening speech, Husban pointed to the profound impact of Jordan’s graduates from Romanian universities on strengthening bilateral relations. He particularly highlighted Jordan’s exceptional reputation in the field of medicine and its contributions across various scientific disciplines.
Romania’s Ambassador to Jordan, George Cristian Maior, commended ARUG for its phenomenal contributions to medical research. The association has been instrumental in organizing conferences that keep professionals updated with the latest scientific advancements. Maior also lauded the efforts of HRH Princess Muna in advancing medical research and enhancing cooperation between the two nations.
President of the Jordan Medical Association (JMA), Ziad Al Zoubi, announced a humanitarian campaign initiated by JMA. This campaign aims to provide essential medical services to Palestinians in Gaza, with more than 250 dedicated surgeons volunteering their expertise. Furthermore, JMA is collaborating with various stakeholders to establish a field hospital in Gaza, reflecting Jordan’s commitment to humanitarian assistance.
This gathering serves as a proof to the strength of the Jordanian-Romanian academic connection and the invaluable contributions made by Jordan in the global medical and scientific community.

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