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IQVIA Honors Wendy Stewart and Susan Barnes for Healthcare Awards Win

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April 2024- Wendy Stewart, President of Clinical Operations at IQVIA, and Susan Barnes, Senior Director of IQVIA Biotech Strategic Operations, receive the Healthcare Businesswoman’s Association Luminary and Rising Star Awards.

Wendy earned the award for her remarkable contributions to the healthcare industry, including her efforts in leading the teams responsible for the record-breaking delivery of COVID vaccine trials. She currently leads a diverse and global organization of over 12,000 employees that is accountable for overall operational delivery for clinical trials across 60+ countries. In addition, she has made significant contributions to advancing opportunities for women in Clinical Operations and, consequently, six of seven senior leadership positions within the Clinical Operations Leadership Team are held by women.

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The Healthcare Businesswoman’s Association honored Susan for her leadership and reputation as a skilled innovator. Over the last nine years Susan has driven significant innovation in how we deliver to our biotech and pharma customers as well as substantial improvements to our operations. Susan has used her position and experiences as a mentor and role model to women throughout the business.

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“Wendy and Susan represent the exceptional talent we have in the organization, exemplifying IQVIA’s values and serving as role models for all IQVIA employees,” said IQVIA Chairman and CEO Ari Bousbib. “Their unique passion for healthcare, innovative spirit and dedication to our mission has improved healthcare outcomes across the globe.”

At HBA’s Women of the Year Annual Conference in New York City on May 10, they will honor Wendy, Susan, and other 2024 HBA award winners.

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