ResearchGlobal Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Medical Device Market to Reach $35.45 Billion by...

Global Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Medical Device Market to Reach $35.45 Billion by 2032

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are revolutionizing the healthcare industry by offering innovative solutions that enhance patient care, streamline processes, and aid in early diagnosis and treatment. According to the latest study by BIS Research, the global AI/ML medical device market is projected to reach a staggering value of $35.45 billion by 2032, growing at an impressive CAGR of 24.35%. This research feature presents a comprehensive analysis of the factors driving this exponential growth and the key players shaping the future of AI/ML in the medical device industry.

Market Projections and Growth Factors

The market intelligence study reveals that in 2022 the global AI/ML medical device market was valued at $4.01 billion. Over the forecast period from 2022 to 2032, the market is expected to witness a remarkable CAGR of 24.35%. The rising demand for AI-enabled medical devices can be attributed to several factors:

Expanding Ecosystem of AI Solutions: The presence of a large ecosystem of companies offering AI solutions catering to diverse healthcare applications has fueled the demand for AI/ML medical devices.

Radiology system and Adoption: The field of radiology and cardiology has witnessed a growing demand for AI-enabled solutions, as they help shorten waiting times, reduce the burden on the healthcare system, and assist in accurate diagnosis.

Wearable Sensors and Home-Based Care: The increasing adoption of wearable sensors has boosted the demand for AI-enabled medical devices, facilitating effective and convenient home-based care for patients.

Government Initiatives: Numerous government initiatives worldwide are accelerating research and development efforts in AI-enabled medical devices, fostering market growth.

Leading Clinical Area Segment

The study identifies various clinical applications for AI-enabled medical devices, including radiology, cardiology, hematology, obstetrics, gastroenterology, and pathology. Among these, radiology held the largest market share in 2022, accounting for 49.05%. This trend is expected to continue, with radiology projected to capture 55.36% of the market share by 2032, registering a CAGR of 25.86% during the forecast period. AI integration in radiology has enabled improved data interpretation, image enhancement, and lesion detection, aiding radiologists in making accurate diagnoses.

Major Industry Leaders

The report profiles key players in the AI/ML medical device market, including Aidoc Medical, Ltd., Canon Inc., CellaVision AB, Clarius Mobile Health Corp., General Electric Company, Hyperfine Inc., Koninklijke Philips N.V., Medtronic plc, Nanox.AI Ltd., Paige.AI, RadNet, Inc., Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co., Ltd., Siemens Healthineers AG, Tempus,, Inc., and more. These companies have been selected based on their product portfolio, market penetration, and coverage, establishing them as major industry leaders in the AI/ML medical device market.

Recent Developments and Advancements

The report highlights recent developments and innovations in the global AI/ML medical device market. These include FDA approvals for AI-enabled applications, significant funding rounds to address healthcare challenges through AI, and breakthroughs in MRI technology using deep learning. These advancements reflect the industry’s continuous efforts to drive technological advancements and improve patient outcomes.


The global AI/ML medical device market is poised for substantial growth, with its value expected to reach $35.45 billion by 2032. Key factors driving this growth include the expanding AI ecosystem, increased adoption in radiology and cardiology, growing demand for home-based care solutions, and supportive government initiatives. As AI/ML continues to revolutionize healthcare, the industry will witness transformative innovations and improvements in patient care. The identified major industry players are leading the charge, propelling the AI/ML medical device market to new heights.

As a global B2B market intelligence and advisory firm, BIS Research plays a pivotal role in providing strategic market analysis, deep technology insights, and actionable information to firms. With a focus on emerging trends and deep technology verticals, BIS Research’s expertise enables industry professionals to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the medical device industry’s competitive landscape of AI/ML.

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