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DP Medical Joins Forces with Neuranix to Introduce Groundbreaking Audiology Diagnostic Technology to the UK and Ireland

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In a significant stride for audiology in the United Kingdom and Ireland, DP Medical has partnered with Italy-based Neuranix to become the exclusive distributor of its revolutionary med-wave® device. This groundbreaking tool aims to perform gentle, non-invasive middle ear analysis within seconds. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable innovation and its potential impact on ear health assessment.

Inspiration Behind Med-wave®: 

The founder and CEO of Neuranix, Filip Moens, shared the inspiration behind the creation of med-wave®. He recalled enduring multiple painful, invasive, and time-consuming ear tests during his own childhood and was determined to improve the experience for others. Consequently, he founded Neuranix with the mission of developing more user- and patient-friendly test equipment for diagnosing and monitoring hearing diseases.

Filip Moens stated, “We’re excited to be partnering with DP Medical Systems to bring this innovation and the med-wave device to the UK and Ireland.”

A Boon for ENT Specialists and Paediatricians:

Owen Pemberton, Commercial Director at DP Medical, emphasized the transformative potential of the med-wave® device. Notably, faster, gentler, and less invasive ear testing will benefit both healthcare practitioners and patients alike. DP Medical looks forward to showcasing the capabilities of med-wave® to ENT professionals across the country.

Expanding DP Medical Reach: 

The collaboration with Neuranix marks DP Medical’s second distribution agreement in recent weeks. The company had previously announced a partnership with DIFRA Instrumentation to supply the UK and Ireland markets with a range of audio vestibular devices.

Owen Pemberton stated, “We’re proud to have joined forces with both DIFRA Instrumentation and Neuranix this summer, solidifying our position as one of the UK and Ireland’s leading ENT suppliers, working with some of the world’s top innovators in the sector.”

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