FeaturedContinuous Glucose Monitoring: Say Goodbye to Finger Pricks

Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Say Goodbye to Finger Pricks

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2014 was not the same as 2004, and 2024 is not the same as 2014. Day by day, technology is advancing, and companies are considering easier methods for the public. In the healthcare sector, digital health is a front-running topic, with innovations taking place to improve the quality of treatment. Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring system is a live example of this technological advancement.

What is FreeStyle Libre?

The FreeStyle Libre system consists of a tiny sensor that is worn on the back of the upper arm for up to 14 days, as opposed to conventional blood glucose monitors that need fingersticks. The sensor uses the skin to measure sugar levels and then sends the data to a reader or an appropriate smartphone app.

Compared with typical blood glucose monitors, which only show a single point in time, the FreeStyle Libre system gives a more comprehensive picture of glucose levels. Better decisions about insulin, diet, and exercise levels can be made by those who have diabetes because to this.

Why FreeStyle Libre?

Diabetes management can be difficult, but there are ways to make it easier and more enlightening, as with the FreeStyle Libre system. The device continuously monitors your glucose levels using a painless sensor, as opposed to traditional finger pricking. Beyond just a few readings, this offers a multitude of information that will assist you and your physician to identify patterns and decide on the best course of action for you. Even better blood sugar regulation has been demonstrated by studies including Libre users.

Speaking about the public health trends in continuous glucose monitoring adoption with FreeStyle Libre, Mr. Hani Khasati, Regional Director of Abbott’s diabetes care business in the Middle East, Pakistan, Turkey & Northwest Africa, said: “The FreeStyle Libre system integration allows for seamless data transmission, comprehensive data analysis, and remote connectivity with healthcare providers and caregivers. This enables doctors to provide timely guidance and treatment adjustments, minimizing the need for emergency appointments and allowing proactive management of the patient’s condition.’’

“The FreeStyle Libre system integration allows for seamless data transmission, comprehensive data analysis, and remote connectivity with healthcare providers and caregivers.’’

Advancing CGM

Making continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) easier to use and more bearable for people living with diabetes has been greatly aided by the FreeStyle Libre system.

Research has indicated that using FreeStyle Libre can result in improved diabetes management. It contributes to better glycemic control, fewer hypoglycemic episodes, and more time spent within safe glucose ranges. A patient’s general health and well-being significantly improve as a result of these developments. FreeStyle Libre has contributed significantly to the advancement of CGM technology by making it more accessible to a larger spectrum of diabetics.

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Mr. Hani Khasati shared, “Today, living with diabetes looks very different from what it was 5-10 years ago thanks to innovations in diabetes management technology like continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). Technological enhancements in FreeStyle Libre now provide longer wear time, eliminate the need for finger pricking, and provide seamless awareness of glucose numbers, revolutionizing diabetes management for users.’’

‘’The FreeStyle Libre system facilitates easy connections with healthcare providers and caregivers, allowing remote monitoring and timely interventions. This improved access to healthcare outside traditional settings like hospitals and doctors’ offices removes barriers for individuals in remote locations or with limited access to healthcare.’’ he added. “And we’re not stopping here – we’re committed to making diabetes care even easier, including integrations with partner apps and insulin pumps and pens and launching new innovations like our dual glucose-ketone sensor.”

Addressing Regional Needs

Discussing technological advancements meeting regional healthcare demands, Mr. Hani Khasati said, “Abbott prides itself on putting the people we serve first. Listening to customers and users across the Middle East, understanding their needs and aspirations is inherent to our daily work. Not only does this help us serve people better, but it also enables us to ensure that our FreeStyle Libre system adds value to people with diabetes as well as healthcare professionals. We gather those insights through a continuous dialogue with our partners and healthcare professionals, with diabetes educators and through our customer support team and our Experience Centers. We also leverage digital health tools to build data models at an aggregate level to understand CGM trends, uses, and impact.’’

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Named, the world’s “Best Medical Technology” of the last 50 years by the Galien Foundation, the FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring portfolio have revolutionized how people manage their diabetes.

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