Life StyleA Dubai-based health entrepreneur develops a life-saving QR Code

A Dubai-based health entrepreneur develops a life-saving QR Code

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Life is uncertain, but one can prepare for it, especially when looking after loved ones, and extend support to acquaintances and strangers. Could we do that with a simple QR code? This thought motivated Dubai-based health entrepreneur Amit Saraswat to launch a product and do his bit to make the world safer by relying on his experience in medicine and ever-changing technology. And so was born the AmiTT Emergency QR code.

What does the code do?

If the unforeseen happens, a simple scan of the Code provides not just the emergency personnel but also bystanders, traffic cops, friends, and more immediate access to your vital medical information, such as allergies, pre-existing conditions, medication history, and emergency contacts. The product is Amit’s testament to the power of compassion, innovation, and the unwavering pursuit of a noble cause.

How did he come up with the concept?

While taking a stroll in the park one day in India, Amit witnessed a distressing incident that deeply impacted him. An elderly lady collapsed, and to his surprise, nobody around knew anything about her or her family. Providing immediate first aid became a challenge as her medical condition remained unknown. An ambulance was eventually called, and only she got the care she needed. This experience struck a chord with Amit, a health entrepreneur who understood the critical importance of time during emergencies. He realised that having access to essential information such as emergency contact numbers, blood groups, and medical conditions could significantly expedite life-saving treatment. Motivated by this incident, Amit dedicated three years to developing a solution: The AmiTT Emergency QR code.

Users can easily update and manage the information stored in the code. This accessibility ensures the information is always current and relevant, maximising its usefulness in emergencies. Interestingly, geographical boundaries do not limit the code. Individuals can rely on this technology at home or travel internationally to provide emergency responders with crucial information, bridging potential language barriers. This ensures that first responders, even in foreign countries, can quickly understand the individual’s medical needs and provide the necessary assistance.

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 “The ability to carry the QR code everywhere ensures immediate access to critical medical information, regardless of location or the availability of physical documents. Doctors can quickly retrieve essential patient information by scanning the QR code, saving valuable time during emergencies,” said Amit.

By wearing or carrying the QR Code, you and your loved ones can experience a heightened sense of security and peace of mind. Knowing that your critical medical information is readily available can alleviate anxiety and fear, both for yourself and those who care about your well-being. You can set the Code as your phone lock screen saver, turn it into a key chain, pin it to your ID Card, the backside of your luggage tags, and more.

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