News24/7 Lifeline: Burjeel Royal Hospital Launches Comprehensive Emergency Department in Al Ain

24/7 Lifeline: Burjeel Royal Hospital Launches Comprehensive Emergency Department in Al Ain

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Abu Dhabi | Al Ain: In a significant step forward in catering to the community’s needs, Burjeel Royal Hospital, Al Ain, is advancing its offerings by opening a full-fledged Emergency Department. The Department of Health (DoH) has officially granted the hospital the license to provide 24/7 emergency care services to patients.

His Excellency Ali Khalifa Al Qamzy, General Manager of Al Ain City Municipality, Dr. Saleh Fares Al Ali, Executive Director of the Center for Emergency Preparedness and Response at the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, Lieutenant Colonel Saif Juma Al Kaabi, Head of the Ambulance Department in Al Ain City, John Sunil, Group CEO, Burjeel Holdings, and members of prominent families in Al Ain attended the inauguration ceremony.

“The Department of Health’s involvement in inaugurating the Emergency Department at Burjeel Royal Hospital, Al Ain, underscores our commitment to enhancing community health services. Collaborating closely with the hospital administration and the Emergency Department at Burjeel. We are dedicated to facilitating the successful launch of this essential facility. Also, This initiative is poised to address numerous emergency situations effectively, marking a significant and valuable addition for the residents of Al Ain,” said Dr. Saleh Fares Al Ali.

Moreover, A team of highly experienced emergency and trauma care experts, including board-certified emergency physicians, nurses, and support staff, actively leads the newly launched 25-bed Emergency Department. Additionally, They dedicate themselves to ensuring comprehensive care for adult and pediatric patients across a spectrum of medical and surgical emergencies.

Expressing gratitude for the DoH’s support and guidance, Mr. John Sunil, Group CEO of Burjeel Holdings, said, “The Department’s establishment reflects Burjeel Holdings’ dedication to meeting the highest standards set by the DoH, ensuring that the people of Al Ain have access to top-tier emergency healthcare services. We are committed to providing our communities with the most advanced care, technology, and medical expertise.”

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“The newly inaugurated Emergency Department is equipped with cutting-edge medical and diagnostic technology. Supported by evidence-based protocols and staffed by emergency-trained experts. We aim to deliver emergency care swiftly, efficiently, and accurately, ensuring patients’ faster and more effective recovery. The Emergency Department license enables us to extend our capabilities in meeting the urgent medical needs of the Al Ain region,” said Dr. Zuhair Alsharafi, Corporate Director, Emergency Services, Burjeel Holdings. Also, He added that the Department can handle a bigger volume of cases, including minor trauma to life-threatening situations, offering treatment for all medical and surgical emergencies.

However, The Emergency Department at Burjeel Royal Hospital will operate 24/7, welcoming ambulance cases that require immediate medical attention.

Furthermore, a cadre of hospital specialists supports the Emergency Department, providing expertise in various fields and collaborating seamlessly to deliver high-quality holistic emergency medical care promptly and safely. Dr. Zia Danesh Jummani, HoD and Consultant in Emergency Medicine, emphasized that the introduction of emergency services positions the strategically located hospital in the Central District of Al Ain to improve accessibility to critical healthcare services.

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